Ditch TV for a pocket playground

Love this survey out today from Ribena in The Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2194425/What-happened-I-swapped-childrens-toys-beads-cardboard–Answer-minor-miracle–wailing-stopped.html

Ribena have teamed up with a child neurologist to define the only toys children need and have called it a Pocket Playground. This consists of; paper, embroidery thread, cardboard pieces, colouring pencils, modelling clay, beads and wooden toy figures.

Basic toys

What a great idea. We have a craft cupboard at home which is fit to bursting with coloured paper, beads,  pipe cleaners, glitter glue, googly eyes and more which Missy Moo loves. However, anything other than TV watching has to be instigated by hubby or I, so whereas i’ll head towards the craft cupboard hubby is more likely to suggest a bike ride or a kick about in the park.

Anything which means less reliance on TV and more on imagination can only be a good thing!


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