Having a crafternoon

The best thing about having a little girl is the hope that one day we will be able to craft together. At the moment Missy Moo loves anything arts and crafty – in the loosest sense of the phrase – colouring, painting, beads, ribbons, glitter…

Our latest adventures in craft have been given a helping hand by the Welsh Museum of Life and a very hot Friday afternoon. In addition to the usual colouring sheets, the museum had laid on a multitude of traditional crafts for children to try including weaving. So simple and clever! This captured both mine and Missy Moo’s imagination so we were off, practicing our weaving in a slow methodical ‘under, over, under, over’ motion.

Here’s our work in progress;

I’ve had a few questions as to how to make this, so here’s my attempt at a kind of a pattern for paper plate weaving.

You will need 1 x paper plate, with 19 spokes (I assume you can have any number of uneven spokes here), one colour wool for your spokes and lots of other contrasting colours of wool to weave with.

Once you have cut the spokes, lace your spoke wool diagonally between each of the spokes and join them together, tightly at the back.

Next choose the wool you want to begin with, and begin weaving. Tie the weaving wool onto the first wool spoke and begin weaving it under and over alternately. Then its over to you. Change colour whenever your design needs it and simply cut and knot the wool onto the spokes as you go. Have fun!


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