On my needles…

Knitting is my number one craft love and I generally have at least one wooly project on the go. This month, there are three!

First and foremost, I’m making a beautiful cashmere baby blanket for my sister, who is having her first baby (and my first niece!) in January. I’ve choosen a pattern from a beautiful book called ‘Purls of Wisdom’ by Jenny Lord. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Purls-Wisdom-The-Book-Knitting/dp/1846143020/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346697048&sr=8-1

Purls of Wisdom: The Book of Knitting

I’m making the ‘Born Under A Star’blanket with Sublime’s baby cashmere merino silk dk. It’s beautiful! Here’s a sneak peak of the work in progress;

Once finished, I will have to attempt ‘blocking’ my work to stretch it to the correct size. Blocking is something I’ve never bothered with before. Didn’t really see the point and seemed like a lot of hassle to wet and stretch a finished piece. However, as I’m making this blanket I can see I won’t be able to avoid blocking. The knotted MK stitch (basically purling 3 stitches together, keeping them on the needle, yarn over, then purl again) means the pattern is REALLY tight so needs stretching to really show off the pattern.

Once I’ve plucked up the courage to submerge my cashmere work into a bath of warm water (!), I’ll blog about the blocking process and the finished result.


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