Princess for a princess

Cross stitch comes a close second to knitting for me as my favourite craft. I love the way a pattern or picture develops from a series of tiny ‘X’s. The texture to a finished piece is lovely and it really has that homemade feel to it. Its also something I can really relax into (unless its a particularly tricky pattern) and after working for an hour or two you can really see the difference.

I whipped up this little Princess motif in an hour or so one Sunday afternoon for my little Princess. It was from an old Cross Stitch Magazine issue, complete with castles, frogs and a variety of crowns and tiaras. Whilst I can’t see myself sitting for hours on end stitching a castle picture, this little one appealed to me. I love cross stitched words and this one in particular with the large ‘P’ is so cute! Instead of making it up into a door hanger as the magazine suggests, I’ve turned it into a picture.

Once finished, I cut the aida to size and pressed the sides down and around the cardboard insert, pulling the opposite sides towards each other with embroidery thread and securing the ends with tape.










Place into the frame and tah dah! *jazz hands*










I’m slowly but surely completing all my cross stitch makes so more to come soon.


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