Boot Sale Bounty

A recent twit-chat with blogger  Angharad aka @glitterblog (her lovely blog is here BTW about our recent charity shop purchases got me thinking about how many books I have actually bought over the past couple of years at boot sales and charity shops.

Too many! I can’t resist them, needlepoint, knitting, encylopeadia’s of stitches, Readers Digest books of sewing etc etc. The 1980’s ones are particular favourites of mine and I recently found a copy of ‘Travel the World in Cross Stitch’ from early 2000 in my local Portishead charity shop. Its brilliant! Not that i’m about to start stitching the Statue of Liberty or a panda but there are some cute London soldiers and Russian Matrishka dolls which i can see i’d stitch.

My absoloute favourite is McCalls Sewing in Colour. First published in 1964 it has some great illustrations and, of course, the text is still really useful today.



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