Vintage embroidery books

My friend Gail recently shared a few photos with me on Facebook of a book her mother was given as a gift from school back in 1953. Its beautiful. Called Embroidery Mary, and written by Pricilla M Warner, the book is a quirky mixture of embroidery tutorials and stories/poems, encouraging young girls to learn embroidery skills.










I am now on a misson to find one of these books! So far e-bay and amazon haven’t been successful so i’ve been trawling the internet. This will now be by number one misson to uncover this gem at boot sales or charity shops. Do keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you spot a copy!


3 thoughts on “Vintage embroidery books

  1. Did you ever find a copy of the book – I’m on the same quest at the moment…. hence landing here! I’ve a copy of Priscilla’ s book on applique and patchwork and love it.

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