As you will know if you’ve read my profile, you’ll know I’m a magazine addict. This has been a longterm addiction which hasn’t faded over time or waned with the introduction of digital publications… if anything its got worse! I started with fashion magazine, saving my lunch money each week to save up to buy a copy of the Clothes Show Magazine, graduated to Marie Claire and Vogue, got a bit older and have added Red to my repertoire.

The latest set of magazines I’ve added to my collection are craft mags. Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher are my absolute favourites. I look forward to each month’s new issues with great anticipation and love pouring over the pages of beautiful photography, getting inspiration for my next crafty adventure.

This week I took a longer lunch hour than usual (actually took about half an hour and had a wander around the shops instead of grabbing a sandwich and heading straight back to my desk!) and hung out around the magazines aisle in WH Smith for a while. I find WH Smith (particularly the larger ones) have great selections of unusual magazines and there’s always something new to read. On this outing I discovered a handful of new magazines I’d not seen before; Stitch – a magazine from the Embroiderer’s Guild, Creative Handbags – a collection of patterns from various books with pull out patterns and a Homes & Antiques special called Upcycling. Which, apart from anything else looks really beautiful!

The photography and styling is gorgeous, the paper is heavy and matt. Well worth the £9.99 price tag. There are some really lovely projects in here, which are both functional and beautiful. Not something craft magazines are always known for…






I will definitely be having a go at making the sewing projects – cushions and a quilt. I love the idea turning a charity shop photo frame into a dinner tray too… watch this space!

Picture credit: http://www.homesandantiques.com/feature/has-guide-upcycling


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