Zip and Tuck

Zips have long been something I’ve avoided coming into crafty contact with. They look scary and complicated to fit, you need a different foot for your sewing machine for goodness sake so I have avoided like the plague. But in the interests of completing my pile of stitchy goodies, I’ve taken the bull by the horns, purchased a universal zipper foot from e-bay and taken the plunge into the world of zips and tucks.

Using one of my favourite stitchy books I’d completed the Stanley Dog cross stitch pattern ages ago and had every intention of turning it into a little zipped bag… nearly a year later it was still sitting in my craft basket. Here’s what it looked like in the book;

And here’s my stitched version before making up;










The instructions seemed pretty simple so I bravely cut my lining and backing fabrics and sandwiched with the zip as per the book told me. After FIVE attempts at sewing and un-picking (grrrrrrrrrrr) I finally managed to get the zip in the correct way and the fabrics correctly aligned. I’ve chosen a thin dark denim for the backing and a really nice stripey jersey for the lining. What do you think? I am sooo chuffed that I’ve managed to conquer my zip fear and am really thrilled with the result. It almost looks – dare I say it – professional!


4 thoughts on “Zip and Tuck

  1. Great finish 🙂 This is a great Scandinavian project. I happened to stitch the very same 🙂 mine ended up framed and a picture, which is always a part of my xmas decoration.

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