Creative Stitches Fair Exeter

Mum and I share our love of craft and in particular knitting. After some pretty testing teenage and early 20’s years (on both sides!) I think we have managed to re-connect and bond over our passion.

Being one of four siblings in a very hectic, busy family,  this is the one thing my mum and I can do together which is pretty much ‘our thing’. We are able to compare notes, I can ask her advice, we share patterns and ideas.  Best of all, we get to go and have girly away days such as last Friday when we met up to spend a whole day at the Creative Stitches Fair at Westpoint in Exeter.

The Exeter Creative Stitches Fair is on for four days every year and hosts all sorts of crafters and crafts. There’s always some fantastic exhibition stands there too and a chance to try your hand at a new craft or too and this year was no exception.

It goes without saying that we both made a beeline for the textile based crafts – knitting, embroidery and sewing. We both decided to get involved with the workshops and try our hand at a few different things. Firstly we went to Ruth and Belinda’s hand knitting stand – there website is here and got involved with the UK Hand Knitting project knit a square project.








Here’s the board with other people’s squares and here’s my square ready to be added to the board. The cardboard label was there for us knitters to record our thoughts whilst we knitted the 10cm by 10cm squares. As I was surround by fellow knitters – mum included – I was amazed by the different ways we were all knitting the same thing. Some were using one needle, some where knitting with wool wrapped around fingers and others with needles propped into laps. Fascinating. There must be a whole other blog post in there somewhere…

We also headed to the Guild of Embroiders stand who were asking crafters to add their contribution to the world’s longest embroidery. The total length of the fabric is 605.55 metres and over 7000 people have embroidered it to date.  Mum and I sat side by side and stitched our own little motifs and signed and dated them.








Needless to say we bought lots! I spent my pennies on fabric, ribbons and patterns. Mum went to town on wool and buttons. I’ll post again about what I manage to make with my purchases.


2 thoughts on “Creative Stitches Fair Exeter

  1. It was a fab day like Santas grotto at Christmas and we acknowledge and embrace our mutual love of Crafts and especially Knitting projects…………….. The Craft Fair/event is diarised for me every year but those that Verity can join me on the day are busy and fun………………… roll on payday though

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