Handmade Christmas Goodies

This is a bit of a weird post – I am dying to show you all the gorgeous handmade goodies I am making at the moment but because they are all going to be Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest – I can’t!

Suffice to say, I have been busying myself with lots of free kits that I’ve been collecting up over this past year from Mollie Makes and Cross Stitcher Magazine. Currently huddling in my spare room are stitched gifts, key rings, bookmarks, door hangers… all handmade with love for the Christmas season. So watch this space and I’ll blog about them post Christmas.

What I can show you is one of my finished cross stitch Christmas decorations which after almost a year (the shame!) I have finally managed to finish. My problem is, I love the actual stitching bit but then loose interest so very rarely finish off my creations. Not this time! Inspired by my a new blog I’ve been reading http://blog.followthewhitebunny.com/2012/09/framing-in-hoop.html , I spent this Sunday snipping and sewing to get this one done.

Here it is pre-finishing – needs a good iron…and the materials to finish the picture….

And here’s the finished result! I’m more than a little chuffed…Roll on 1st December.


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