I have commited to taking part in this worthwhile cause for Save The Children. Will you?

Craftivist Collective

Finally, we have everything for this project all completed so we can launch it today – on World Food Day! So, what is our next big annual national project, where we get all your crafty creations together, I hear you ask? Well…

We are all a piece of the puzzle, creating change stitch by stitch. That’s the philosophy of Craftivist Collective, and the theme of our latest project, which launches today in support of Save the Children’s‘Race Against Hunger’ campaign and with the backing of some of the country’s top contemporary crafters: Deadly Knitshade, Mr X Stitch & Hilary from CraftBlog UK

From now until the spring, we’ll be urging you to join the campaign to put hunger at the top of the agenda at the G8 next summer, and encouraging us all to be part of the solution to tackle hunger, not part of the…

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