Gorgeous embroidery to be inspired by…

Back in September, when Mum and I visited the Creative Stitches Fair in Exeter, we were treated to an exhibition of some absolutely beautiful stitching in the form of entries into the Madeira Hand Embroidery competition. With a theme of ‘Glimpses of Blighty’, entrants were asked to embroider their interpretation of the Best of British.

They were amazing! Very inspirational and makes me want to get out my needle and thread to practice my satin stitch…Enjoy!

Beautiful hand stitched plaque with a 1940’s influence. Exquisite attention to detail.

Close up of the 1940’s influenced piece. Look at that colour shading!

Close up on the 3D stitched and embroidered cupcakes – especially for my sister Rachel!

More subtle, applique design.

The winner! This was a cute design with stitched London buses, tea cups and poppies. Very nice but I have to say I prefered the top design, which seemed much more accomplished to my amateur eye.


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