Weekend in London

Great day was had by all this weekend as my sister and I visited the V&A Ballgowns exhibition. Sadly no photography allowed (not quite sure why) so thanks to Mr Google for supplying me with images! We thought there might be a few more vintage couture gowns from the 50’s and 60’s but the installation seemed to focus on the 90’s and 00’s. Nice but I kind of felt that I’d seen all the later dresses already in the celeb pages.

By far the most technically amazing dress to see close up was Alexander McQueen’s feather dress, as worn by Daphne Guinness at the Met Ball in 2011.

The detail was exquisite and the ostrich (I think) feathers on the skirt waved gently in the breeze. I couldn’t help but blow on it to see it move. Gorgeous.

My favourite gown, however was a quirky late 70’s number  by Cindy Beadman. This pink and green quilted beauty, was amazing purely because of its craziness! Taking inspiration from Little Bo Peep and various Disney Princesses, this gown had poems embroidered onto its skirts. The detail really was stunning and the embroidery on silk is something out of a fairy tale. Can’t imagine who would be able to pull this off – more of a case of the dress wearing you, than you wearing it.

And finally,

Wow. An amazing silver leather dress by Gareth Pugh. I was a bit naughty and had a quick touch of the hem with this one, as it looked really heavy but was actually lightweight leather.

We had a mooch around the rest of the beautiful building, making a beeline for the jewellery rooms, researching for our wedding (Amy) and eternity (me) rings… Dave’s take note! (both our partners are called Dave!)

The Ballgowns exhibition is on at the V&A until 6th January 2013. www.vam.ac.uk


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