I’m a bag lady

Hi. My name is Verity. I’m 35. And I’m a bag-a-holic.

I’ve had my addiction for at least the last 20 years and it shows no signs of letting up no matter how hard I try. In my 20’s I craved designer bags – Prada to be precise – and worked hard to be able to purchase a couple, including a particularly gorgeous one bought on my honeymoon in Capri, eight years ago.

Now, in my 30’s, Prada bags still intact and in use, I’m drawn towards seeing if I can make myself a bag. Not just a little drawstring pouch or a zipped make up bag (been there, done that) but a full on zipped, poppered, lined, all singing, all dancing bag.

I have two different bags in mind. The first is a tote. I have a dark denim fabric for the outside and striped jersey for the lining and will be using a fairly simple design like this;

Taken from one of my favourite blogs http://www.purlbee.com/

My next is slighty more ambitious so I will be building up to this one! I saw this fabric at the Creative Stitches Fair and fell in love. Luckily for me, the same stall holder was selling a weekend bag pattern which I had to have.

Great fabric! Hope I don’t ruin it by trying to make the bag

Not quite sure I’m going to fit these in but hopefully it’ll be soon! Just two more bridesmaid shrugs to finish and Christmas gifts to complete and then I’ll move onto my bag projects. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “I’m a bag lady

  1. Fab bags, love the stamps one!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, so glad you like the pumpkins! Good luck on your crochet course, I had a right nightmare with it when I started, but got there in the end. So glad I persevered!!

    S x

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