Mollie Makes

I heart Mollie Makes magazine. Its my must buy magazine each month and sits neatly on my bedside table alongside Vogue, Grazia and Red. Admittedly to start with, there wasn’t much I felt I could make in Mollie. The patterns were quite complex or had no real function or remote practical use (felt animals or replica custard cream anyone?) BUT were cute to read about and I marvelled every month on the imagination and ingenuity of the contributors.

This has changed as the magazine has matured and, I assume, listened to what its readers want via Facebook and Twitter etc. Issue Twenty, out now, is one of the best to date in my humble opinion. The projects are practical, fun, doable and there’s enough of a balance between features with inspirational crafters, news items and product reviews.

Here’s what I’ll be making from Issue Twenty;

Home Sweet Home nail art – we’re in the process of decorating Missy’s bedroom so am tempted to do this in her room.

Emerald Headpieces – another glue gun job. This isn’t something I’d normally attempt but i’m tempted to try a new craft like this. I think the shooting star pattern would be lovely for an embroidery or cross stitch project too.

Cross Stitch Motto – this is soooo simple, I love the fancy lettering the maker has used. Rather stitch about creative clutter ( I don’t think I can really gift this to myself!) I’m thinking of doing some family names, or home related mottos for friends and family. The combo of grey fabric and red thread is great too, so my brain is now wiring with the right colour combo to go for.

Thanks Mollie Makes for making my life even busier!

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2 thoughts on “Mollie Makes

  1. Mollie Makes is my favourite magazine ever! I know what you mean about the previous patterns though, they always looked nice but I never got round to making them because I was never sure what to do with them when I had. I’m quite in love with the little crab beenie that was in a recent addition.

    Have you tried their new magazine The Simple Things, it’s quite good too, lots of lovely picture and ideas for things to do.


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