More Christmas Stitching

Having a couple of days off work has made me remember how much I HATE daytime TV and has seen me looking around for something not too taxing to do whilst I’m at home nursing my cold.

As usual, I’ve turned to my craft box (quickly turning into a great big messy mound of wool, fabric, magazines and books…not good!) for something to do and decided to have a go at the applique Christmas tree decoration I purchased at the Creative Stitches Fair in Exeter a few weeks ago.

Stitching is not my forte at all. I need lots of work on neatness and stitch technique but I figured its OK to practice on something I’m keeping for my own tree! The pattern is called Deck the Boughs by Brenda Walker and comprises of 10 beautiful felt and fabric, traditional Christmas decorations. You can see it here

I loved this pattern as I always go for the traditional feel at Christmas time, with red being my key colour throughout the house at this time of year. So here’s my first attempt at a house, an eight point star and a tree.

Not being a seasoned stitcher, I found these quite fiddly but pleasing to do. As you can see my blanket stitch could be neater! I had no idea how to do French Knots so went to my old friend You Tube to look up a tutorial and discovered this one Helpful tips such as choosing a needle with a narrow eye and where to hold the thread, helped me master the stitch pretty quickly.

Just three more to go before I’ve completed the set and then I’m moving onto Christmas cards…All I need now is the tree! Hurry up December!


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