Glue Review…


A a newbie blogger I was thrilled to receive my first request to review product from Mark at Creative Distribution. Although not something I would usually purchase – probably more because I’m yet to really understand the uses of different types of glue for fabric – I was really impressed with the huge variety of products available for use with all different types of fabric, ceramics, jewellery and more.

The team at Creative Distribution were VERY generous and I was delighted to get a whole box of product delivered to work. Once opened, I was amazed to see the different adhesives on offer, no longer will I be using Pritt or UHU for everything and hoping for the best!

The products which immediately caught my eye were ‘Stiffen Stuff’, ‘Craft Foam Glue’ and ‘Fabri-Tac’. Missy and I set to work on Saturday afternoon setting our kitchen table up as craft central – me with sewing machine, card blanks, fabric and embroidery thread and her with paper, paint, pom poms, felt and foam shapes. You get the picture! Note: crucial ingredient on a late Saturday afternoon is a glass of white when crafting with a four year old…

We started together using the Craft Foam Glue. I was a little concerned about using glue together as my track record with glue isn’t great. One Easter, I actually stuck my thumb and finger together with some crafty super glue whilst making an Easter bonnet. Only nail varnish remover and very hot water managed to prise my skin apart! Eeek!

Anyway, none of these problems with this product. It was very neat to apply and safe and easy for Missy to add foam shapes, lolly sticks and all sorts to her creations. It dried clear and fast. Perfect.

Onto the Fabri-Tac and Stiffen Stuff. As part of my commitment to #imapiece, I have been making a puzzle piece and wondering how to make the flimsy cotton a little bit more substantial. Using Stiffen Stuff I sprayed the fabric puzzle piece, left it for an hour, and came back to a stiffer piece of fabric, perfect for stitching. I was unsure what to expect – I didn’t want a cardboard like piece of fabric, but this was really good. Sturdy enough to stitch on but still flexible, with a cotton feel to the touch. According to the instructions, Stiffen Stuff adds layers of plastic coating to the fabric, so you could keep spraying and drying in stages to get the desired effect. I can see loads of uses for this in my crafty work with textiles.

Stiffened fabric using Stiffen Stuff

Finally, I used Fabri-Tac to add a smaller piece of fabric onto the front of my puzzle piece instead of stitching it. As per my previous posts, my stitching isn’t great, so having the option to stick the fabric in place was fab! The glue comes out clear and is slightly stringy in texture. Again, no worries about the glue being too sticky or grabbing on too quickly, I was able to position the piece and manouvere as I needed. It dried clear and without any marking on the fabric.

This project really has opened my eyes to the world of glue – I won’t look at a Pritt in the same way again! To buy any of these products visit Prices start at around £5.35. Enjoy!


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