Finished bridesmaid shrugs!

Yey! I’ve finished!

I’m really pleased with the finished results of these bridesmaid shrugs. I hope the bride is too…Can’t wait to see them on, and hope they keep the bridesmaids warm AND stylish on Becky’s big day. The pattern was really simple but required some lengthy rework to get exactly the right size and shape. The final pattern was as follows;

Cast on 45

Knit garter stitch every row until the shrug measures 85/90cm (giving some allowance for the wool stretching once worn)

Cast off

Weave the ends in seamlessly using a crochet hook

Weave 65cm of ribbon into the cast off and cast on edges, securing at one end with running stitch

Pull the ribbon so it gathers the wool together and tie.

Weaving in the ends


All wrapped up and ready to go


6 thoughts on “Finished bridesmaid shrugs!

  1. So glad you like my PCH post, I do adore those chairs too (even though I wouldn’t rush to make anymore)! I don’t wonder the bride was happy with these, they look beautiful and I’m sure the bridesmaids will look perfect in them.

    S x

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