Second knitting class

This Monday saw my second visit to my local primary school in my new capacity as ‘Mrs Cash – Knitting Teacher’. I’m still not quite used to that title! I’m pleased to report both the children and I were much more confident this week – perhaps some children more than others!!

I cleared out my wool stash so managed to take a carrier bag full of wool and some small needles into school to share with the class. The enthusiasm for new wool was great and the class quickly grabbed their favourite ball to work with.  Two new knitters came along this week and the kids seemed to settle down fairly quickly to the task in hand. They are currently all working on their own projects – a mixture of finger and needle knitting. I’d say there are two confident knitters out of the seven, the rest haven’t grasped the basics yet and I think a structured project would help this.

So after some discussion, we decided for the next five weeks before Christmas we will make Christmas tree decorations…basically long thin scarves or tubes of finger knitting in multi colours which can then be used to drape over the school Christmas tree – hopefully showcasing what we get up too and encouraging new knitters to the club. This repetitive work should hopefully help them to remember the basic stitches and practice, practice, practice.

I’d like to get some kind of learning plan in place so the children feel they are progressing in learning their skill, so after some surfing I came across Craft Club UK which has some fantastic resource for volunteer craft teachers. In addition to projects, the organisation has created handy worksheets with pictures showing how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and create different textures with wool. There is also a really handy six week lesson plan all stored here in the Download section

The Crafts Club UK is supported by the Arts Council, the UK Hand Knitting association and the WI. I’m really passionate about sharing my love of arts and crafts with the next generation and this feels like a great way to start!  I’m really looking forward to seeing the children progress and gain in confidence. I’ll post pics of the finished results if we get there!

Picture credit: Craft Club UK


3 thoughts on “Second knitting class

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  2. Hi Verity, glad the knitting s going well. I’m looking at getting a crafty sewing, maybe knitting set for Issy for Xmas. Have you got any suggestions on good buys whilst you have been on your crafty travels?

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