Making a nativity costume

I love Christmas (haven’t you guessed that yet?!). As well as the making of cards, wreaths and cakes there is the fun of children’s nativity costumes to tackle. Ever the glutton for punishment, I have decided again this year to make Missy’s nativity costume for the school play. I’ve only recently started attempting to sew/make costumes and have zero dress making skills. My approach is ‘make it up as you go along’ and ‘hope for the best’.

Here’s a quick photo gallery of my previous attempts;

alice costume

Alice in Wonderland using a Disney Cinderella dress as the base

angel costume

My daughter on the right…apologies for the white blobs!!

So this year, Missy is a shepherd. Bit of a weird one – we assumed she’d be an angel (not that we’re stereotyping our blond, blue-eyed girly girl!)  but she is a narrator so all the narrators have to dress as shepherds. We had a look in Asda and Sainsbury’s at the ready to wear options but these were met with a resounding no. “They are brown, Mummy” “My favourite colours are pink, red and purple” (said with a strong little Somerset accent…).

So I’ve decided to attempt a tunic dress, long waistcoat and headdress using a couple of red cotton single sheets and camel pillowcases from Ikea. I’ve been sourcing ideas from YouTube and using Google so am thinking I’ll make this kind of outfit – long-sleeved, long tunic with the red sheet and a shorter waistcoat type top with the pillowcase. Just need to source some rope to belt the tunic together.

Shepherd (Standard) - Kids Costume

Whatever happens, at least she’ll stand out from the crowd of Asda shepherds, angels and kings. And can’t be any worse than my sisters who were made to do their nativity as angel’s with ‘L’ plates on their backs… gotta love my mum’s sense of humour! (Hi Mum *waves*).


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