Sock Knitting

After crochet, sock knitting has been top of my crafty to do list. Just the thought of juggling four or five needles has been enough to bring me out in a cold sweat but I do so admire people who can product amazingly beautiful socks like this

The start of my knitted sock obsessionsocks knitted

So, I’ve booked myself into a two session sock knitting lesson at my local crafty school – The Bristol School of Sewing and Textiles Taught by the lovely Laura ( Laura has also helped me to master crochet so I have every confidence the same will happen with socks!

Lesson One was all about casting onto your needles, creating your rib (k2, p2) and then stocking stitch down to the dreaded heel. So far so good. I’ve found that once you’ve begun with the rib and have a few rounds on the needles, it’s not so tricky. The needles kind of find their own way and you don’t have to worry about them too much. For a beginner like me, the tricky bit was making sure the cast on stitches weren’t twisted as you begin to rib. I lost count of the amount of times I pulled out my stitches to start again.

For my first ever socks, I’ve decided to knit some for Missy. She’s a size 11 shoe so have cast on 40 stitches (split 10 stitches per needle) in this cool glittery pink 4 ply wool I found in my local wool shop (Careys for those Portishead readers! I love it!).

Here’s my efforts so far, its looking more like a sleeve than a sock but I’m quite chuffed with the heelp flap, knitted with a knit row and then a P1, Sl1 row. As my sock has 40 stitches, and they’ve been split on to two needles, I am knitting the heel flap with 20 stitches, therefore my heel flap needs to be 20 rows long (stay with me, this is the only maths bit!)


So, lesson two yesterday and I’ve managed to turn the heel, knit the instep, sole and am now getting ready to knit the toe. Just hope I can knit the pair now!! Seriously considering framing my first ever sock…




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