The saga of sock knitting

Week three in the sock knitting house and I am still in the ‘throw the needles and wool on the floor in a rage’ stage…grrrrrrr. After having made a pretty good attempt at my first sock, with the help of my knitting teacher Laura, I then made a massive mistake, had to unravel and then haven’t been able to start again. I am determined to become an accomplished sock knitter so with the help of some googling and you-tubing I have found a few places to give me some more step by step tuition on the tricky starting stage. I have discovered this blog which has some really simple illustrations and basic tips to help beginners like me…

Tricky thing number 1;

Dealing with the five (yes FIVE!!) double pointed, slippery, slidy needles (or DPNs for short). They don’t behave and wait their turn to be knitted on, they jump around, drop stitches they’re supposed to be looking after and generally get in the way. I have found that sitting at a table and laying my needles down as close to the table surface as possible, whilst knitting helps. . Here’s the page for the DPN tutorial and a picture from this fab blog to show you just how difficult it can be… all those needles and fingers and wool….

Tricky thing number 2;

Going straight into a K2, P2 pattern to make the rib. As well as managing to hold five needles, make sure the stitches aren’t twisted and just knitting, going straight into a K2, P2 pattern is tricky to remember and difficult to work out where you are as the knitted work isn’t clear enough to tell. I think I’m going to do my own version of a simpler rib with a K1, P1 pattern which (I hope) gives me less chance for mistakes…

Tricky thing number 3:

Where do the needles go?? Under, over? HELP!! My new best, sock knitting friend blog has simplified it for me in this illustration and with the following sentence; “Specifically, the left needle should be arranged OVER the holding needle next to it, and the right needle should be started off UNDER the holding needle next to it”

Has this made it any clearer for you? It’s certainly helped me. Now I need to shut myself away from husband and child and make myself knit my first sock. Come on Verity, you can do it!


4 thoughts on “The saga of sock knitting

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the dreaded DPN’s! The first thing I tried on them was a cupcake which started with 4 stitches and then increased upwards. Guess how well that went!! I don’t want to complicate matter but have you considered circular needles (Magic loop) instead of DPN’s? That’s what I use to knit mine and it’s a lot easier… in my opinion 🙂

    S x

    • Thanks for the advice. I think i’ve cracked it… sitting on my own and very quietly I managed to do the DPNs and have knitted down to the turned heel. So far so good! Practice makes perfect!

  2. DPNs scared me so much when I learnt to knit in the round… your explanations are really good ! I’ve knit a lot of hats in the round, but have not dare entering the field of socks yet… can’t wait !

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