A knitted supermarket!

My friend Louise sent me a great link this morning featuring a knitted market currently exhibiting in the centre of Brisol. It look fab! The knitted shop has been created by a group of artists who call themselves ‘Knitiffi’ and their mission is to brighten up the world with some amazingly creative knitted works of art.

The knitted supermarket is is open from 19th until 23rd December at The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol, and all proceeds from sales of wooly products go directly to the Expressions art project run by Bristol based charity The Milestone Trust. The charity supports around 1,000 people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia in the Bristol area to live as they choose and achieve their own ‘milestones’.



knitted flowers

Definately worth a visit. http://www.knitiffi.blogspot.co.uk/


One thought on “A knitted supermarket!

  1. I wish I had more time I would love to visit the knitted supermarket I am already planning what I could knit in the New Year – thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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