Christmas Haul

Firstly, apologies. I have completely neglected my blog over the Christmas period. Sadly not because I’ve been eating, drinking and making merry but because I was in bed for five days with the dreaded norovirus! Christmas was completely cancelled, with Hubby and Missy surviving on chocolate and mashed potato on Christmas Day, whilst I was huddled over the toilet bowl. Nice.

So, we moved all our celebrations to the end of Christmas week – Hubby and Missy spent Boxing Day at the in laws enjoying their turkey dinner a day late. We made the decision to freeze our bird until New Years Day when we’re going to resurrect all the Christmas roast dinner goodies again.

The best part (if there really was one?) about being confined to bed over the holiday period was that I was able to watch whatever I wanted to on the TV. Gone With The Wind was a welcome distraction on Christmas Day, whilst back to back Inbetweeners made the nights much more bearable!

So when I finally opened all my presents, it was with great excitement that I unwrapped this fabulous IPad from my very thoughtful Hubby, along with some beautiful embroidered Knit Stitch Sew fabric labels and a stamp so I can label all the handmade goodies I create for others.

In addition, my family and friends followed the crafty theme and I’m pleased to report I have plenty to keep my busy in 2013;
A 6 month Mollie Makes subscription
A copy of Angela Hoey’s Little Stitches
Stitch and Sew home, complete with fabric
A beautiful book about cross stitch samplers
A vintage Vogue Knitting magazine
A new craft bag from good old John Lewis





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