Purl Bee Handwarmers

As I’ve slowly made my recovery from norovirus and flu, I’ve also got my motivation back for all things wooly. After assuming I’d be knitting like crazy all over the Christmas period, in actual fact I’ve done hardly anything.
So, in a quest to master knitting with double pointed needles, I discovered this cute pattern for knitted hand warmers on one of my favourite blogs Purl Bee http://www.purlbee.com/super-soft-merino-hand-warmers/ . This really helped me find my feet with the DPN’s and I’ve gained massive confidence using the four needles and knitting a rib. For some reason I fine k1 p1 much easier to master than k2 p2!
The pattern was really simple and quick to knit, I used the Sidar Folksy wool I bought just before Christmas. Although I think the warmers are supposed to be for adult hands, and these do fit me (the k1 p1 rib stretches really nicely), Missy has decided she’d like them so I have given them to her.



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