Stitching and Thinking

stitch and think
Missy and I took a day trip to Bristol’s museum and art gallery on Monday – her choice – as a final day trip to end the long Christmas break. I’ve not been before so was unsure what to expect, especially given my last museum trip was to the glorious V&A, which has no competitors in my book!

I was pleasantly surprised, there was a great Egyptian room – cue lots of questions about death and specifically cats – and we really enjoyed the dinosaur rooms. Missy wasn’t so keen on the ENTIRE room dedicated to stuffed, dead animals of all shapes and sizes. I had to agree, it’s odd to think that people killed and stuffed all of the animals on show…as one other couple called it ‘The room of death’.

Anyway, as we mooched around we stumbled upon a new exhibition called Stitching and Thinking. The exhibition showcases the work of the Stitch and Think research group, who are looking at the values of handmade skills through stitching. It’s a fairly small exhibition focussing mainly on textiles and stitching, with a smattering of ceramics, glass and paper thrown in. There are some beautiful examples of embroidery and making, alongside exhibits from the museum such as 19th century samplers and plates which have been stapled together, over 100 years ago.

It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area, there are also talks from the artists once a month until April, and there are various workshops taking place too. For more details have a look at the website


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