Vogue Crochet

My on-going quest to master the art of crochet means I am ‘allowed’ to buy more magazines than usual…in addition to hunting down a copy of the new Simply Crochet Magazine this weekend, I was browsing on my Ipad last night and came across the Vogue Knitting Crochet magazine on the Apple Newsstand.

£2.99 later and I’m now the proud owner of the most beautiful and inspiring magazine. I’ve always loved Vogue Knitting for inspiration but found the patterns way too daunting to attempt so was expecting the same with this magazine. However, I was really pleased to see – in addition to the amazingly difficult patterns – some easy but beautiful patterns that i will definitely be having a go at.

Whilst reading up on the history of the magazine, I was amazed to read that this is only the second ever edition of VK Crochet, the first being published in 1994. For this reason, the magazine feels really well researched, with worthwhile features, beautiful photography and some real insight into the technical side of finishing, how to read crochet charts (a complete mystery to me) and more.

Interestingly there were a couple of interviews with British crafters in the magazine including award-winning artist Shauna Richardson who created the London 2012 Lionheart project, in which she crocheted a 25 foot tawny lion, as part of the Arts Council for England Cultural Olympiad. The prize for the most inspirational feature goes to The Fine Art of Crochet and an interview with Jo Hamilton (www.johamiltonart.com) who crochets portraits. Wow. Jo is Scottish but based in Portland, US. Have a look at her self-portrait in crochet… O.M.G…amazing.

So onto the patterns, these are the ones I’m going to give a go;

Crochet hat - love the colour

Crochet hat – love the colour

Slightly more tricky...but it does say Easy!!

Slightly more tricky…but it does say Easy!!

Wish me luck! Of course, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Have a few other projects to finish and then will get stuck in.


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