A chat with One Sheepish Girl

Part two in my occasional series of interviews with inspirational crafters and bloggers…

This week I’ve been chatting to Meredith over at http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.co.uk/ . One Sheepish Girl has been on my blog reading list for just over six months now and I love it. I can’t quite put my finger on it but One Sheepish Girl has a gentle, melodic feel to it. The photography and styling is beautiful, again with a real gentle, unassuming style – like this…

Picture credit One Sheepish Girl

Picture credit One Sheepish Girl

and this…

Picture credit: One Sheepish Girl

Picture credit: One Sheepish Girl

Just gorgeous.

In addition to being inspirational and interesting, it’s relaxing to read and gives me some quiet time – just me and the iPad!

Meredith blogs about craft – primarily crochet and knitting, but also talks about fashion, baking and her life in Dallas, Texas. She currently shares her writing in one of my favourite on-line crafty magazines Gathered (the weekly, tablet-based sister to Mollie Makes) sharing patterns, words of crafty wisdom and, again, beautiful photography.

I started by asking Meredith about her love of crochet and why she took up this particular craft;

I taught myself to crochet about three years ago when I was in college. I decided to teach myself after teaching myself to knit. Thanks to some amazing books and a lot of patience it finally stuck and I am so happy it did!

[Knit Stitch Sew] Why do you like this crafty medium so much?

I love crochet because it allows me to express myself creatively. It is so fun to create new shapes and bring a sketch in my journal to life with yarn.

[KSS] What did you find the trickiest thing to master with crochet?

I think changing colors can be really tricky. Also, keeping track of stitches and starting over after making a mistake.

Picture credit: One Sheepish Girl

Picture credit: One Sheepish Girl

[KSS] What’s your favourite thing to make?

My favourite thing to make is gifts for friends and family. I love to see their faces when they open something made just for them. 

[KSS] What inspires you to keep crocheting?

I just really love crochet! This craft has opened doors that I never expected to find. I keep crocheting because it allows me to express myself in ways I never imagined. 

[KSS] What blogs do you follow and why?

I follow all sorts of blogs! I love everything from craft, to lifestyle, food, and fashion. I am so thankful for the amazing bloggers I have met during my short time in this community. Their amazing creativity inspires me in so many ways!

[KSS] Can you share some top tips fellow beginners like me?

I hope you keep trying, experimenting, and learning all of the tricks of crochet! The possibilities of a simple single crochet stitch are endless. When you combine it with double crochets, bobbles, and everything else, you can create almost anything. 🙂

Thanks Meredith!

If you have a spare 15 minutes or so, grab a cup of tea, put your phone on silent and pop over to Meredith’s blog to be inspired! http://onesheepishgirl.blogspot.co.uk/


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