Simply Crochet Magazine Review


As if I haven’t got enough to read, buy, make and download (!) there is now a new craft magazine out there – Simply Crochet.

Published by the makers of Mollies Makes, Simply Crochet has been launched this month and is aimed at all of us crochet lovers out there; newbies, old hands and everyone in between. As you’d expect from a magazine from the same publishing house as Mollie Makes, the magazine has beautiful styling and photography. The layout is clean and uncluttered and makes for easy, leisurely reading.

This first issue had two free crochet hooks in bright fluro colours which I’ve added to my growing hook collection.

The best thing about the mag is the sheer amount of patterns on offer. At £4.99, this represents great value for money – 36 patterns ranging from classic granny squares and baby blankets through to a beautiful collar to jush up your wardrobe and cute amigurumi (cute teeney crochet animals) creatures.

On my ‘to make list’ from the magazine are;

1. Crochet bunting – am already thinking about this for Missy’s bedroom

2. Padded coat hanger – great gift

3. Pretty crochet collar –  seems really simple to make and looks great

4. Amigurumi dragon – of course for Missy

5. Heart sachets – great gift again

Patterns are both written and charted, next step for my crochet learning is to get my head around the charts. One thing I’d like to see more of is some guidance as to whether the patterns are best for beginners or advanced crocheters and also some more advice or tip led content – perhaps a workshop section tackling common mistakes, tricky stitches or just holding us newbies hands whilst we try to pick up the basics.

Other than the patterns, I love the NoteBook section – a double page spread of notes, musings and thoughts on crochet. It’s like having a nosey into someone elses to do list. I’d love to see more content like this. Who are the people and artists who are driving the world of crochet craft? Who are the ones to watch? Bloggers to follow?

Overall I love it! It’s made its way onto my list of must buys each month. I’ve taken out a trial subscription which is £5 for three issues, so really looking forward to issue two, out Thursday 7th February. Log onto for more info.

2 thoughts on “Simply Crochet Magazine Review

  1. I’ve just received my first copy- like you I signed up for three issues. I am hooked but also love Mollie Makes and can’t have both. Just finished a few hearts lovely to make and so quick – I’m enjoying your posts Sue

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