My baby is five

Today is my baby girl’s fifth birthday! Where has the time gone?! I wouldn’t class myself as a mummy blogger but indulge me – today I’m going to share some thoughts on being a mum of a five year old…

1. You are not just a mummy but best friend, play mate, secretary/PA, beautician. I am now a dab hand with nail varnish on tiny toes and building imaginary box houses
2. ‘ Do you know?’ becomes an integral part of your conversation, particularly whilst in a senior meeting with your boss
3. You won’t know who all your child’s friends are anymore. Boys or girls! Who is Elliot??!
4. Disney Princesses are suddenly usurped for cheerleaders, One Direction and Olly Murs
5. Your love for the little madam grows and develops, it’s tested and tried on a daily basis and she finds new ways to negotiate, pretend not to hear you and generally do her own thing but secretly you love her for it even more!

Here’s one of my favourite photos of my gorgeous little girl, only a few days old, wrapped in one of the first blankets I ever knitted. It took me nearly a year, was ripped out and restarted more times than I care to remember but the end result was fantastic.

And my talented family made some beautiful crafty things to welcome Eloise into the world;





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