Where I find my crafty inspiration

I get my crafty inspiration from all over the place; magazines, TV, vintage shops, shows and exhibitions, the list is endless. However, by far and away the most inspirational place is the Internet. The World Wide Web has totally transformed crafting and, I think, been more than a little bit responsible for the rise in all things homemade and handmade. As I dive deeper into the world of blogging and crafting I’m discovering so many great places to mine for inspiration/waste time – Ravelry, Craftgawker, SnapGuide, Flipboard, Esty, Crafsty, Folksy not to mention blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  All are brilliant places to connect and share with like-minded crafters.

Craft bloggers are friendly folks, sharing tips and hints, filming and photographing tutorials and crowd sourcing advice and recommendations. Although I have a massive list in my Google Reader I tend to go back to the same handful of makers – Lucy at Attic 24.typepad.com for amazing crochet creations, Sandra over at Sandra.cherryheart.blogspot.com and Meredith at onesheepishgirl.blogspot.com. I have attempted loads of different things using these bloggers as inspiration including some slightly wonky Valentine’s hearts!


Pinterest is my new favourite source of crafty inspo. I’m constantly finding new patterns, tips, tricks and generally cool things to make and do. It’s my go to resource for tutorials and tricks, like my online scrapbook of things I need to keep close at hand. Particularly useful are the online tutorials like how to insert a zip, how to cast off in a certain way or fancy new stitches that you think ‘that’s great, I must remember that’ but ALWAYS forget.

TechKnitting.blogspot.com is a fab place to go for any technical queries. It has really clear explanations and illustrations on everything from seams to sleeves, tools to techniques. I found this site particularly useful when I started out sock knitting using double pointed needles. (How’s that for a double whammy!).


And for when it all goes wrong, the best place to find out that you’re really not that bad at craft is Craftfail.com. This is an absolutely hilarious site which is updated daily showing some epic crafting fails.  Click here for sad looking birthday cakes and holey knitwear. If you’re feeling like sharing your epic fail you can always share it with the on-line community. Brilliant!


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