The Weekly Glint – 50 Shades of Grey

No not the book but the colour – this week’s focus for my weekly Glint…

I am pleased to say we are finally moving house, to somewhere a little bigger and more of a ‘forever’ home whatever that means. To me it’s about putting down roots, getting settled and creating a home which can grow and evolve with you and your family as time passes.

As much as I can’t wait to move and get stuck in with designing my new interiors, one thing which has been troubling me is the colour grey. My new house is grey. The walls are grey. The carpets are grey. The workshops are grey. The blinds are grey. You name it, it’s probably grey. It’s a beautiful new-ish build house which, because of the newness, is lacking in warmth and character and the grey really doesn’t help.

At this point you’re probably thinking why is she buying it?! It’s lovely – promise! I guess the point is, we can see the potential. We can see beyond the shades of grey which cover our new house from top to toe.

My current house is, I think, cosy and warm. We have colours – cranberry reds, old English greens, a whisper of blue – mixed with print and pattern to create a feeling a character and to showcase our/my personality. Grey does NOT feature! However, as I’m beginning to research colours and interior styles for our new house, I’m coming round to the idea of grey…grey with wispy pinks for Missy’s room, romantic grey with lavender or perhaps cornflower blue for our room…I think I like it!

Grey can be beautiful, full of romance, sophisticated and a great partner to brighter colours. Grey also seems able to highlight texture really well – lace, knit, wood grain, silk and more. So here’s a selection of my grey interiors moodboard…and not a copy of 50 Shades in sight 😉


Grey with mustard




Kate Spade pop up shop London



Couldn’t resist. Blue goes brilliantly with grey!


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