World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today and instead of just being able to dress up as any character from a book, Missy has to dress up as an alien for school on Thursday. HELP!! If I’d have been strategic we could have done the ‘Snow White from outer space option’ but now I have a reputation for making costumes we decided to give it a go.

My five year old (as I think is similar for most little girls) is very girly. We have princess dresses, cat costumes, nurse/doctor outfits but nothing that could pass for an alien. Not even close. So after a bit of begging, borrowing and making we have created an alien-fairy-angel- creature from outer space type costume.

Luckily enough, at work we had a box of clothes donated by lots of kind souls to be taken to a local charity shop so I was able to use a sparkly silver dress as the base. A bit of chopping and sewing and we have created – ta dah – an alien tunic top.


We have re-appropriated some nativity play angel wings, covered in tin foil and decorated with planets and stars. We spent Sunday making a suitably scary/pretty alien mask and found some green deeley boppers in a local party shop.


With the remnants of the dress we cut, i’ve tacked the fabric onto some old ugg-type boots and Missy had a fun hour cutting out lots of space shapes and sticking them onto her costume.


One happy five year old!


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