The Weekly Glint…Logos

Things are moving on a pace here at Knit Stitch Sew. I’m planning to take a stall at the local primary school summer fayre in June and am beginning to get out and about, meeting fellow bloggers where I’m asked the dreaded question “So, tell me about your blog…”

I was lucky enough to attend the Tots100 Blog Summit on Friday at the MShed in Bristol (well I was actually asked to speak to 60 bloggers as part of a PR panel but more about that another time…) and met some fab family and lifestyle bloggers all of whom have a very definite style to their blog and – generally speaking – a brand, complete with logo.

So this got me thinking. Time for Knit Stitch Sew to have its own logo. But what?! After some chats with my brother-in-law (ace freelance graphic/packaging designer) we have come to the conclusion that I should actually make a logo rather than faking it with handwriting or stitched style font. My main source of inspiration has been Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl and her embroidery over paper. I want my logo to have a handmade feel to it and to embody the feel of my blog – homespun, friendly, crafty and amateur (in the nicest possible sense!). So here’s my moodboard for inspiration. Watch this space for the work in progress…

stitched logo

Picture credits: One Sheepish Girl, Penguin Books and Rhi Stitch Blog


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Glint…Logos

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  2. It’s always great to have someone in the family to help when it comes to tech and design.

    Branding is important online, because it really is what gets people to look at your website and associate it with your work. In the real world you get a physical space. Online, your ‘space’ is defined by things like logo and related design.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new logo when it’s ready! Have fun making it! 🙂

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