The Weekly Glint

Apologies I’m a day late this week my glinting. I have a poorly girl at home with tonsilitis so trying to juggle being a mummy and working full-time. It’s been tough! My poorly Els has been up and down in the night with a high temperature so I’ve had a fair few nights of lying awake in the wee small hours, listening to the rest of my family sleep…perfect time to get glinting!

As you know I’m working with my brother-in-law to create a logo for Knit Stitch Sew and I keep being drawn back to stitching on paper. It’s not something I’ve encountered before and is more art than craft… (that’s a whole other debate) but there’s something really pleasing about seeing the two media mixed. Stitching over old photos, magazine covers or even a map, there’s so much you can do with this and it seems fairly simple to do. It has given me some inspiration for some items I’d like to sell at the Knit Stitch Sew stall this summer and also some artwork I want to try for our new house. Watch this space…


Picture credits: Thejealouscreator,,, Sarah Walton


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Glint

  1. I’ve been experimenting with crochet on paper which I am pleased with – I have been hole punching round the edge of shapes and then doing a double crochet edging. Good luck with your stitching and hope your little one feels better soon x

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