The Weekly Glint

We’re all about interiors  at the moment. Our new house move is imminent (hoping to be moving in about 3-4 weeks time) so our attention is turning to the fun things about moving house – decorating! Top of my list is a BIG dining table that is practical enough for the three of us to sit and eat dinner each day, enable Missy and I to spread out and get messy with crafts AND can seat lots of people for special occasions. I don’t want anything too formal, it needs to be robust enough to cater for a party of five year olds and elegant enough to be dressed up for Christmas.

After a whole weekend trawling around the high street stores, outlet centres and anywhere else that might possibly sell a table, I have made a decision. I don’t want a shiny new table complete with six identikit chairs. I want a big slab of wood that has some character and personality. Chairs that have been sat in and loved. A mis-matched dining room set that has been well used and loved.

I love the old farmhouse tables but am also being drawn to the Ercol design of table legs and chairs. Kind of 50’s/60’s I think? It’s really tricky to do vintage interiors without straying into ‘shabby chic’ so we’re taking our time to find the right one. Kind of a ‘forever’ table. Ebay, Gumtree, local flea markets… here we come!

dining tabe

Picture credits: Flickr,,,, Bee of Design


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