Work In Progress…

Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while – we’ve been busy! It’s been half term here in North Somerset and we headed up to London (more on that later) to visit my sister’s family and to deliver the crochet Granny Blanket. I’m pleased to report it’s a success! My sister loves it and so does baby Ava…
ava and blanket

Meantime I’ve been planning some other projects. I’ve wanted to go back to knitting a garment of some kind for a while now. I’ve attempted a few baby cardigans in my time but they’ve never really been a success. weird and they never fit quite right. This time I discovered an ‘all in one’ pattern from a book I borrowed from the library (cleverly I took photos of the pattern but not the book cover so have now forgotten what it was called!) and this seems quite simple. I’m working with short rows which makes for a really pretty finish. It’s another Ava present so have am working it in light grey with red ribbon and buttons. Here’s the pattern picture;


And my work in progress. You can see the neck line taking shape and the sleeve extending out to the side;


Hot on the heels of this project and the success of my Granny Square blanket, I’m planning a new blanket our bedroom in our new grey colour scheme. Inspiration comes from the fantastic Purl Bee blog and their giant, giant, Granny blanket . I’ve chosen soft greys, smokey blues and a delicate pink to start a massive granny square. I’ve splashed out on Rowan Big Wool…


Just waiting for a 10mm hook to arrive from ebay and I’m off!


3 thoughts on “Work In Progress…

  1. That granny blanket is gorgeous, great choice of colours! I’m currently working on a huge single-square granny blanket to use up my many many half balls of acrylic. I’m starting to wish I’d chosen a bigger hook now though!

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