Review – Ruby Loves Magazine

I’m a magazine addict. So when I saw a new craft magazine had been launched aimed specifically at young girls I bought a copy asap. Ruby Loves is a craft and making magazine published by DC Thompson. It’s aimed at young girls, but I think the best age for this would be between eight and ten. Any younger (Missy is five) and you’ll end up doing all the makes yourself!  The  magazine itself is very cute, nicely styled and very much aimed at mums in addition to girls – worked for me.


The launch issue comes complete with a craft kit with all of the materials you need to complete the six projects set out in the magazine. To be honest, there was nothing groundbreaking in there – sewing a felt animal, making some bunting and baking cookies but I can imagine, for an older child, this is a great selection of self-starter projects which need little or no input from an adult.

The first project we created was this little ring. This was actually quite a clever idea – Missy choose red, white and blue nail varnish along with a sparkle to create a very patriotic ring. Painting a sparkle nail varnish first, waiting for it to dry, then following with stripes, the finished ring is really quite good!


Next on our list of things to do is the Kitten Key Ring and the Mini Shopper;

kittencanvas bag

I’m not sure I’ll buy this every month but I think for a half term or holiday this is a great little magazine for older children.


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