Review – Crafty Magazine

Yet another new craft magazine has hit the shelves. Crafty Magazine is a new monthly magazine which promises (if the front cover is anything to go by) a bit of much-needed cool to craft.

The cover itself is very dramatic, bright red with a beautiful pair of customised Converse, styled alongside some tools of the trade – crochet hook, scissors, thread and a tape measure. There is nothing twee, mumsy, old-fashioned or just plain ugly on this front cover. Definitely one to be happy to walk out of WH Smiths with, rather than shoving it into your bag asap as I do with some craft mags.


Opening the cover, you’re taken straight into the editors letter. This sets up the tone for the whole magazine – friendly, contemporary and just a little bit cool. I love the illustrations of the contributors and the clean page layout. The pages have a very ‘designed’ feel to them which I really like. For me, in the age of digital, it’s all about the feel of the page when I purchase magazines and I like that Crafty feels nice. I might have sniffed it too… don’t judge me!

The magazine overs a really balanced range of projects from the practical and functional to the ‘nice to do’. I will definitely be using the Throw In The Towel chair upcyling tutorial and want to try my hand at making a tote. I have some beautiful stamp fabric just waiting to be used.



Finally, it’s great to actually be able to sit down with a craft mag and have a good read. Like Mollie Makes, Crafty has some interesting interviews with experts and crafters but also has some interesting and unusual interviews with graffiti artists and manbroiderer Mr X Stitch.

The free gift (a pre-requisite these days for any making magazine) is a piece of natural calico fabric – perfect for a door hanger project I have mind. All in all, I will be buying Crafty Magazine again. Well done guys. A great read.


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