An Embroidered Door Hanger

As my baby girl grows up – she was five in January – the old toddler toys and clothes are slowly making way for things suitable for a little school girl. One Direction playing replaces nursery rhymes whilst the LeapPad and iPad are suitable upgrades for fuzzy felt and train sets. *sigh*

Missy has a lovely white framed single bed too, to replace her cot bed, complete with Ikea canopy and heart fairy lights. So looking at her room as we begin to pack to move house, it seemed like the old baby wooden letters spelling out her name on the bedroom door were looking a little sad and out of place.

One of my crafty Christmas presents was this fab embroidery book by Aneela Hoey Despite reading it cover to cover, i’d yet to try any of the projects. So, using my free calico from issue 1 of Crafty Magazine, I decided to stitch Missy a beautiful door hanger.

Together we choose two, iron on patterns to appear on the hanger, a blonde girl on a bike and a little dog chasing a ball.


We chose a colour palette of reds, pinks and blues. I was slightly nervous of messing it up, apart from cross stitch I haven’t tried embroidery for many years and certainly have never used anything other than a backstitch or running stitch. The finished piece looked so pretty on the page! Aneela’s instructions and easy to read tips made this one of the simplest and most satisfying things I’ve made in ages!


The stitching of the girl on the bike and the dog and ball took me one pleasant evening to complete, whilst the lettering was quickly finished the following day.


I’ll definitely be doing something like this again soon, I already have my  eyes on a couple of pictures I’d like to embroider (have a look at My Weekly Glint post) and will be making some cute gifts using Aneela’s book again.

Aneela’s blog is here for more cute stitching inspiration.


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