Mooching around Beautiful Bath

Over the weekend I had a luxurious couple of hours to wander around Bath on my own, whilst hubby and Missy were swimming. Bliss!

First stop was the Bath Artisan Market, held at Green Park Station every month.

Bath Artisan Market

The market was much smaller than I expected but better for it. There was a good mix of food, craft and furniture/home bits. I spotted a couple of gorgeous old tables that would look beautiful in my new craft room but resisted the urge to spend. There were some really beautiful ceramics and decorative woodwork stalls but the majority were fabric based stands. They were selling beautiful things but rather than buy, I like to snoop around and see how I could make them. Naughty I know.

A great thing to note about this market is they have a reduced rate for students (one free stall and other ‘suitcase’ stands for £5) so there were quite a few young crafters selling their wares. One which caught my eye was knitwear stall called ‘Night Knitters’.


They’ve cleverly sorted their branding and merchandised their space really well. Their Etsy shop is here do take a look.

Next, up was a pilgrimage to a new craft shop in Bath that I read about all the time but have never been. Wool is described as Bath’s premier wool emporium. Let me in there! Their website looks beautiful I’ve been meaning to search them out for a while. So I was gutted to find it closed on Sundays!! However peaking through the window it really does look fab so now I know where it is I’m definitely paying them a visit soon.

wool bath

I spent the next hour or so paying homage in Cath Kidston – where I found this beautiful dress (hoping Hubby is reading this and will add to my birthday list)

CK dress

and spending too much money in the Gap sale. I love the little streets and back alleys in Bath, so happily wandered around and stumbled upon the best find of the day.


Yes it looks a little sad and tired but believe me it’s a treasure trove! I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s packed top to toe with bolts of fabric in every colour, style, type you could possibly ever need. AMAZING! I purchased some sweet blue and white cotton fabric which was kind of ginham-y with a little red heart detail repeated. Not sure what I’ll make yet – maybe a little summer top for Missy.

What a great day! I met with the family for a pasty lunch outside the famous Bath Pump Rooms where we watched some street entertainment before heading home. Lovely.


6 thoughts on “Mooching around Beautiful Bath

  1. I haven’t been to Bath for years – time to make a visit I feel. Will go on a Saturday though – always easy to forget that some of the smaller shops close on Sundays.

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