More on machine embroidery…

Hot on the heels of my last post on Poppy Treffry’s Freehand Machine Embroidery book here’s a quick post about my latest crafty discovery – machine embroidery! I went to the South West Creative Stitches Show yesterday (Sunday) at The Bath & West Showground and booked myself onto an hour-long machine embroidery taster session. It was fab.

Run by talented crafter Jan Tillet, , the course gave a quick intro into the world of drawing with the machine. So what did I learn from my crash course?

1. Sewing in a straight line isn’t as easy as Jan made it look

2.  Fast foot, slow hands… the machine embroiderer’s mantra

3. Use a wooden coffee stirrer to hold down any little bits of applique – great tip to save fingers and machines

4. I need to upgrade my machine. I used a Janome CXL301 which made my £45 Tesco own machine look very sad and old

5. I love machine embroidery – it’s addictive!

Here’s my one hour work of art… watch this space for more on this craft as soon as I sort my machine out.



5 thoughts on “More on machine embroidery…

  1. Id say your a natural!
    I love your squigly outlining, its very ‘designer’ now and totally suits your bird motifs.
    I cant run a straight stitch line ordinarily in any case so I figure there should be more and more squigly lines, world wide!
    Good luck with your adventures in free machine embroidery !

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