The Weekly Glint – Gatsby!

I don’t know about you but I am super excited about the launch of the latest incarnation of The Great Gatsby – this time by Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann. It launches here in the UK this Thursday so we’re planning a work trip to see the movie. I can’t wait! So to get me in the mood, aside from re-reading the F Scott Fitzgerald book, this Week’s Glint is all about the roaring 20’s.

Thinking about it, the ’20s is a very ‘crafty’ decade. Beautiful, handmade fashions where embroidery and beading were de rigeur, the Arts and Crafts movement was in full swing using nature as inspiration whilst the Art Deco style of rich colours, hard lines and reflective surfaces was the complete opposite.

The 1920’s has always been a fascination for me started, I think, by a BBC TV series The House of Elliot, which aired when I was in my early teens. Rather than be Bea or Evie, I wanted to be one of the girls in the workroom stitching exquisite embroidery on Lady so and so’s evening gown or learning how to cut silk taffeta in the workroom. The era is such a beautiful, decadent one. I am, for the purposes of this blog post, choosing to ignore the social history of the era! For me it’s all about beautiful embroidery, flamboyant head pieces, long strings of beads, chinoiserie (who didn’t want to own a cheongsam in the ’90’s?), Claridges Hotel, bobbed hair, cloche hats, dropped waists and the female icons of the ’20’s – Clara Bow and Louise Brooks.




One thought on “The Weekly Glint – Gatsby!

  1. Art Deco is my love! I have great book with Art Deco fashion and I am sure I will use some details from the garments to use in my creations.
    What a great combinations of pictures in your post!

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