The Weekly Glint – Flowers

A little luxury I allow myself each week are fresh flowers. I like to try to keep to seasonal favourites, daffs and tulips in the spring, roses in late summer but right now its time for my absolute, favourite, all-star flower – the peony. I absolute adore their huge heads, blousy petals and vintage colours. It’s a shame they aren’t available all year round but they do make me look forward to May and June, waiting for the first bunch to appear in my local Waitrose. (Which by the way have a great flower department don’t they?)

We’ve attempted to grow peonies in our garden but to no avail. It seems they are fairly difficult to grow and don’t like anything we’ve done to try to make them grow!

Alongside peonies, my other ‘go to’ flowers are roses (of course), hydrangeas, sweet peas and ranunculus. My wedding bouquet was a simple but beautiful bunch of blush pink Candy Bianca roses, no foliage or other decoration, just the roses in all their glory.

So here’s my little pictorial homage to my favourite flowers, with a few peonies thrown in for good measure.




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