The Weekly Glint – Washi Tape

Washi tape has only just entered my world.

As a textile crafter, I’ve kind of ignored washi tape as something for paper crafters and not worth my attention. (I have a brain full of makes I want to try, so can’t allow myself to get sucked into a totally different area of crafting!).

But, surfing Pinterest the other day I came across this simple but clever idea…labelling technology wires with washi. I don’t know about you but my home is full of wires for TV’s, Sky boxes, Wii’s, laptops, iPads, various mobile phones, hairdryer, straighters…I hate the messed up jumble of wires that have invaded my home.

washi tape cables

So it got me thinking, what else could I do with washi that would be relatively easy to do and give me a quick, crafty fix when I need one? There are some great tutorials and ideas on Pinterest (where else?!), so I think I’m going to get over to ebay, choose my washi and get sticking! I particularly love the basket idea (new craft room coming up soon!) and the mobile phone cover.

Picture credits: sabs, and Crafts Direct

Picture credits: sabs, and Crafts Direct


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