Sponsored Review: Method Cleaning Products

The lovely people at Method have sent me a goodie bag full of cleaning products to trial in my new house. Thanks guys!

I have to confess, I’m not particularly into eco/natural cleaning products, I’m more of a bleach and Cillit Bang kind of a girl. I love that chemical clean smell! But, I know that I should be using these kinds of products in my home, particularly with little Missy and Oscar the cat padding around on all the surfaces.

So I’m willing to be convinced and decided to trial the Method Multi Surface Cleaner and Method Wood for Good Wipes to help with the deep cleaning needed in my new craft room.


Starting with the Multi Surface Cleaner (£3), I needed to clean an old chest of drawers which had spent four years in the garage. They were covered in dust, grime and general muck after being used by the husband for bike paraphernalia; oily cleaning cloths, spare pedals etc so needed a really good de-gunk. I would usually use some form of chemical, harsh spray cleaner here so was pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the Multi Surface Cleaner. You don’t need much to clean a large area and the smell is AMAZING! I had the Pink Grapefruit variant which really was lovely.

Next onto the Wood for Good Wipes (£3.50). Again, I decided to use these on an old bookcase which has been languishing in the garage, storing paint pots, gardening pots, welly boots etc. The wipes were great and cut through the muck quickly. However, they probably weren’t the best thing to use! The wipes dried fairly quickly, so I switched to the Multi Surface Cleaner to finish the job.

Undeterred, I went downstairs and used the Wood for Good Wipes on my new kitchen table and chairs, which as an eBay purchase, needed a bit of love and attention, having been stored in a warehouse for a year or so.


These wipes worked a treat! The almond fragrance was very gentle, not too pungent, and the wipes left a nice subtle sheen on my wood. I’d definitely buy these again. Method is available to buy in most supermarkets and some other retailers http://www.methodproducts.co.uk/co_where-to-buy.html

Thanks to the people at Method for supplying me with these products to trial.


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