Crochet Bunting

Hot on the heels of the Giant Granny Square blanket I’m crocheting for our new bedroom, I decided to add another project to my list and quickly whipped up some crochet bunting for Missy’s new bedroom.

A few weeks ago, Missy and I were at our local garden centre having a mooch around on a Sunday and as usual we wandered into the craft department. They’ve had an overhaul recently and there’s now a much better selection of wool on offer. They also had an amazing sale so I came home with these…


After in depth discussion (believe me, aged 5 and 1/2, Missy has very strong opinions about what will and won’t be appearing on her bedroom walls…) we decided on the green, blue and pink skeins for some coloured bunting.

As usual, I trawled Ravelry and Pinterest looking for inspiration and found Lucy at Attic 24’s brilliant bunting tutorial After a bit of tweaking and playing, I came up with the right size bunting, colour combos and off we went. It was a really quick project to work up, one flag took around 30 mins to complete so it was a lovely quick project to pick up and put down during the week.

I’m really pleased with the finished result;

Crochet bunting

To join the bunting together I used a simple DC, hooking into the back stitch of the little ‘V’ on the top of the bunting. I think it looks great! Apologies for the terrible pictures. We’ve hung this up under Missy’s window so it’s almost impossible to get a good picture.

crochet bunting1

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