For the love of… The Purl Bee

I started my little blog after discovering a whole new world of knitting, stitching and sewing out there in the blogosphere nearly a year ago. And one of the blogs I’ve really, truely fallen head over heels in love with is called The Purl Bee. Do you know it?

The Purl Soho is a very cool shop in SoHo, New York. For those of us who, sadly, can’t trot over to NY on a monthly basis, they also have a great online store to peruse and ponder over beautiful yarn, fabric, starter kits and more.  The needlepoint canvas arer really lovely and not at all twee. No ye olde English cottages or Geisha girls here… AND they ship to the UK. Brilliant.

Anyway, back to the blog. Each week, the team at The Purl Bee blog a tutorial – usually yarn or stitch based – with excellent photos, tutorials and handy hints. And each week I find myself adding one of their tutorials to my to do list! The colour and styling of the tutorials really appeals to me – the colour choice is always subtle and stylish. Greys, lemons, creams, tan compliment pops of neon pink, rich blues and banana yellow. This colour pallette on beautiful wool looks sumptuous and expensive. I love it!

The stitchy projects are just as stylish. Bags are usually featured and again the contemporary choice of subtle colours and trendy shapes such as totes and clutches make the projects irresistable.

You may have come across the Ravelry ‘Knit The Queue’ activity – whereby Ravellers who (like me) have added favourite patterns to their online queue are knitting their way through them in 2013 – well I have a ‘Knit the Queue’ going on with Purl Bee. Here’s a list of Purl Bee makes on my to do list. Not sure I’ll get them all done this year but I’ll try!

1 – Baby Bloomers

These gorgeous baby bloomers are on the list for Ava. I’m thinking of doing these in a dark red to add a pop of colour to winter outfits.


2 – Baby Jumper

Another one for Ava… I’m going to stick to the pink and grey colour pallette here


3 – Cap Sleeve Sweater

Thinking I will do a grey bottom half with a subtle cream on top, as per the picture


4 – The 40 minute tote

Definitely doing a denim version but I also have some pretty patterned fabric I’d like to try, perhaps lined with demin. Reversible maybe? There are loads of great bag tutorials on the site.


5 – Toddler Socks

I am DETERMINED to conquer my hatred of sock knitting! There must be a way! And these beautiful little socks look like a great way to start



2 thoughts on “For the love of… The Purl Bee

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean – purl soho is one of me absolute fave blogs to pour over, infact I spend so much like looking and wishing that I never actually get around to finishing much myself! Actually, I blame my lack of productivity on my kids 😉 Lovely to meet you here in blogland -I’m just spending a few spare minutes hopping around from the bloghop links from the Crochet Camp FB page and stumbled upon your lovely little spot 🙂
    Em xx

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