Crochet Camp

In my quest to develop my crochet skills, I’ve joined a virtual crochet camp this summer. Hosted by Kat Goldin over at Slugs On The Refrigerator. Crochet Camp is a group of people who, like me, are keen to learn more about crochet.

Kat Goldin is a designer and photographer who also happens to be a great crafter. As you’d expect Kat’s blog is full of amazing photos and also some really good tutorials for knitters and crocheters (is that the right word?).

The first task is to crochet a pretty potholder, the Cherry Delicious Pot Holder, and here’s my attempt…


Not bad!

The round little cherries where the hardest part, I need more practice with these little suckers. But all in all it’s not too bad.

I’ll be posting all of my little Crochet Camp projects this summer. If you want to join in, just sign up on the blog or Kat’s dedicated Facebook page called – wait for it- Crochet Camp 2013. There are kits and patterns available to buy, but you can also use up your stash as Kat is posting each pattern on the Facebook page as the weeks progress.


2 thoughts on “Crochet Camp

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I’m also learning to crochet and looking for some nice sources of craft support 🙂
    Your cherry pot holder looks good – the red is so striking on the blue background! too cute to use on pots!

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