Part Two – Crochet Camp

This week I’ve been hooking some nice ‘n easy granny squares as part two in the online Crochet Camp run by Kat Goldin from . Although I’ve got experience in this area of crochet – remember my Retro Rainbow Granny blanket? – I wanted to undertake each part of the course to try and build on my skills.

Kat shares a very simple granny tutorial and then variations on the theme includes granny triangles,mandalas, the list is endless.

The guest pattern from Ali Campbell who writes over on is truly beautiful and looks like a fab stash buster too. This has made it on my ever growing (and groaning! “Not another one!”) to do list.


So I decided to make some quick granny bunting using up red and white DK from my stash. These will eventually adorn the bookshelves in my craft room – once we get around to boarding the loft and removing all the junk Christmas decorations and baby bits…

Anyway, here you go! Do have a visit to Crochet Camp HQ and tell Kat Knit Stitch Sew sent you!



2 thoughts on “Part Two – Crochet Camp

  1. What a smashing little bag! Would have liked a closer view a shame that the pics don’t enlarge at all. And am sure the banner is smashing too, a lovely idea!

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